September 8, 2007

Miso soup- Aka Miso(red miso)

Japanese cuisine has been my favorite cuisine so far! Love it!! The first dish I ever tried was this simple "Miso soup." Made by fermenting rice or soy bean this soup tastes heavenly!There are two varieties, a red miso soup( aka miso) and a white miso soup(shiro miso)and I love both equally. Actually, for someone who is not too familiar with the Japanese cuisine it is hard to differentiate the two soups except from their color. I will post the recipe of making miso soup from scratch the next time. For now, I have clicked a picture of the instant miso soup I had for dinner today - bought a instant miso soup pack from a Japanese store, emptied the contents in a bowl, added 1 cup of water and micowaved it for 2 mins. Voila, my favorite soup is ready in a jiffy!!

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