July 5, 2010

Scallops on a bed of Couscous

Scallops are one of those easy breezy seafoods that you can make when you want something fancy yet very quick! I always have frozen packs of scallops from Trader Joe's in my freezer -- this scallop dish was taught to me by my hubby whose inner chef comes out of him every now and then -- and boy, when it does I just love it. I just find him endearing when he talks like he knows a lot about cooking -- you know what I am talking! I act like I hadn't heard about / knew about these things before -- all wives am sure know this trick =)
 Make couscous as per instructions on the package (I used garlic and herb couscous mix) and keep aside. In a non stick pan, melt a small stick of butter. Season scallops with salt and pepper. Saute them with butter for 7-8 mins. Sprinkle dry oregano leaves. Remove from pan and spread on the couscous mix. Pour the remaining butter from the pan on the couscous -- this adds a nice aroma to the pasta.

In addition to these scallops, I also grilled another batch of em' using Whole Foods grill seasoning (their house brand of seasoning made with tequilla and lime). That's why you see that some of the the scallops in the picture have a brown texture to them. The verdict from the Iron Chef was "YUM." This made the sous chef happy.

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