October 8, 2007

IHOP Garden Omelette

We love the garden omelette from IHOP. It is so fluffy and cheesy- a light and healthy breakfast that makes anyone's day. We love going to IHOP whenever we stay up late at nights, watching a movie or just chatting. Love to have it with a side of pecan pancakes and a brewing hot coffee. When we came to know that Kanchana of " Married To a Desi" is hosting the weekend breakfast blogging event that was created by Nandita Iyer of Saffron Trail, we decided to go with this recipe. We love it and want to share this recipe with our readers.

Preparation time: 3 mins
Cooking time : 7 mins

2 eggs beaten
1/8 onions chopped very finely
1/2 tomato diced into small squares
1/4 green bell pepper chopped into small squares
2 small mushrooms diced into small squares
2 tsp mexican cheeese blend
1 tbsp cold skim milk
cooking spray
salt to taste

Put the gas on a low heat. Heat a non stick skillet. Spray the cooking spray to cover the entire pan. Add salt and milk to the beaten egg mixture. Mix well. Spread this mixture on the pan. Sprinkle the onions, mushrooms and bell peppers on the egg mixture. Allow to cook for 3-4 mins. Now add the cheese. When the cheese begins to melt add the tomatoes. Cook for a min. Fold the omelette and remove from pan. Serve hot with ketchup and coffee.

Note: Do not flip the omelette any time.



bee said...

you have a lovely blog here. we've added you to our blogroll.

Dee & Chai said...

Thanks Bee for your lovely words! We appreciate when people encourage us and excite us to do more. By the way we couldn't open your site- could you please send us the URL.

marriedtoadesi.com said...

Hey Ladies! Thanks for your entry! Looks great...


Dee & Chai said...

Hey Kanchana,

Thanks! love u'r blog and u'r story about marrying a desi is cute.