August 24, 2008

Idli Fry

This is a classic South Indian breakfast item that is made from the leftovers-- the leftovers in this case are idlis that were made one or two days ago and are in the process of turning slightly stale. Also, it is another way to enjoy the plain idlis, if you don't have any sambar or chutney left. Our grandma always served us idlis with sambar and chutney in the morning and idli fry in the evenings along with tea and chivda(a type of sweet and savory mix made with rice husk, peanuts, cashews and seasonings).

Use cold idlis only. If the idlis are thick, then slice them lengthwise. Melt ghee(use ONLY ghee) in a bowl. Spread on the idlis on both sides. Sprinkle freshly grated black pepper on them. Heat a pan. Add idlis and pan fry them till golden brown on both sides. Enjoy!


Kitchen Flavours said...

Something new and innovative versiopn to make idlis.

pink dogwood said...

I don't know why, but your picture made my mouth water - I must try this. Also, I did try the chicken curry and my family loved it :)


Saju said...

idli look tempting.