July 25, 2010

Creamed Spinach (Another Southern Classic)

While I am in the mood for some comfort food, I thought why not try another Southern classic -- my favorite creamed spinach which goes well with grilled meat or fried fish. I found a great recipe for this on YouTube which I have posted here. I will post pictures as soon I try out this dish. Oh btw, if you are a fan of southern
 food check out ANGELINE'S KITCHEN (mostly serving Louisiana cuisine, not exactly southern but they do have some dishes like hushpuppies, creamed spinach, fried catfish on their menu) in Berkeley, famous for their catfish fry, jambalayas and gumbos. Their hushpuppies are really good. For $16 you get an entrĂ©e with 6 hushpuppies, 4 catfish, cole slaw and tartar sauce.

P.S: Guys, 3 hours later here I am with my creamed spinach recipe. Luckily, I had everything I needed to make this dish, except whole milk. I used non-fat milk instead. It still turned out good. I used less butter, 1/4 stick and left out nutmeg as I ran out of it. Here's my version of the dish -- Heat 1/4 stick butter in a non stick pan. Add finely diced 1 1/2 white onions and 1 garlic diced. Let the onions sweat for sometime. Now add 2 tbsp of all purpose flour. Lower heat. Mix well. Add milk and keep mixing till you get a nice mixture. Now lower heat and cook till the milk reduces to half. Add salt+pepper+nutmeg powder. Mix well. Add the steamed spinach (make sure you drain all water by folding spinach in between paper towel or else the dish will turn out soggy). Mix well. Serve hot!


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