January 4, 2011

Bourbon Tea

My hubby and I have the habit of drinking tea after our dinner every night. We came across this recipe while waiting at our physician's office the other day. It looked interesting and at the same time very gourmet! It was like having a cosmopolitan or a screwdriver except with tea!

 On our way  home we stopped by our grocery store and bought a bottle of bourbon and sugar syrup that the recipe required. The flavor of Bourbon came through along with a bit of sweetness from the sugar syrup. We can't wait to serve this to our dear friends who like us also enjoy having tea after dinner.


Boil water in a tea pot with a couple of star anise and cardamoms. Place a tea bag in a cup. I used Twinning's Earl Grey breakfast tea bag. Now add the steamed water to the cup + 2 tbsp bourbon + 3/4 tsp sugar syrup. Mix well. Drop a thinly cut orange slice to the cup. Enjoy!

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