May 9, 2007

doi machh

tilapia fillets(or any river fish) 4
white onions 1 large
green chilies 3 slit lengthwise
cloves 4
bay leaf 2
cardamom 4
yogurt 1` cup
ghee(you cannot substitute oil for this...doesn't taste good )2 tbsp.


marinate fish with yougurt and salt for 30mins. heat a non stick skillet with oil. add onions and fry till translucent. now add green chilies, cloves, cardamom,,bay leaf and fry 1 more min. finally add the fish with the marinade. cover and cook till done. no water has to be added. add salt to taste. eat hot with rice.

this is a bengali preparation adapted from sanjeev kapoors "khana Khazana"

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