February 6, 2008

Shrimp Fry

Who doesn't love seafood- that too 'FRIED SEAFOOD.' This is an Indian version of fried seafood recipe similar to the US southern fried catfish recipe. We have shallow fried the shrimps in the recipe below. You can also deep fry them. It tastes equally great both ways.

Preparation time: 2 mins
Cooking time: 6-7 mins

10-15 shrimp uncooked, thawed ,cleaned and deveined
a pinch chilly powder (vary according to your spice level)
a pinch asafoetida
8 tbsp sooji, available in most Indian stores( spread it well on a plate so that it is easier to roll the shrimps in it)
olive oil

Wash shrimps in cold, running water. Drain them thoroughly. Season them with salt, chilly and asafoetida. Mix well. Keep aside for 15 mins. Take them and roll them individually in the sooji( rava). In the meantime, heat a skillet. Add oil and spread it across the pan. Place 6-7 shrimps at one time. Fry them on each side till they turn golden brown. Serve with rice and dal.


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Mona said...

Thats an interesting recipe to use soji instead of breadcrumbs to cover the shrimps.. Will try it. Thanks for sharing..